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Best Airlines in Asia

Best Airlines in Asia

If you are in search of the best airlines to travel to Asia, here is a perfect list. This list is based on the world airline award this year. This award has listed winners of the best airlines based on the region of the world. In this result, you can observe that, there are many best airlines from Asia. The best part is, even though you have no plans to choose first-class, there is nothing to worry about. These airlines will make sure that you will have a wonderful journey irrespective of your class. You can choose them to travel around the world. Right from Singapore you can travel to Thailand and then to Japan. Hop on a plane and as soon as you touchdown you can log on a sex hookup site and set up a casual date in whatever city you are in. These airlines make sure that you get a wonderful journey covering entire Asia.

Here is a list of the best airlines in Asia.

Singapore Airlines

You can expect in-flight entertainment and top-notch service from Singapore Airlines. Their service is very popular and they are famous for their outstanding service all over the world. There is nothing you can list out that is not handled by Singapore Airlines to its customers. The fleet here is fairly new and hence flying with them is highly comfortable. All of their planes are a thing of luxury. Their Airbus 380 has recently made headlines as well.

All Nippon Airways

This is one of Japan’s premier airlines. When you consider customer services, ANA is very popular and it has score high grade. They also got the highest identification for the attention of flight attendant staff. If you are headed anywhere in Japan, then ANA is the right choice in Asia. You can also pick them for places like China and the United States as well. You can expect 20 kg of free luggage when you are traveling in Japan.

Cathay Pacific Airlines

This airline is one of the most popular for many years for travelers flying towards Hong Kong. It even offers many other routes for its customers all over the world. Cathay is considered as one among the highly incredible airlines. Cathay became popular recently and nominated as one of the first airlines serving meatless pork. All over the world they are paving many areas for travelers.


If you are flying with EVA there is nothing you can miss out. This airline is based out of Taipei and they have gained 5-star rating mainly for seat and cab cleanliness. They are also very popular for their entertainment and even for cabin safety. EVA has gained more popularity and ranking compared to China airlines. The majority of the travelers love the food provided and their on-board accessories. If you get a chance, you should try their very popular Hello Kitty planes.

Hainan Airlines

Among the airlines available in China Hainan achieved fourth place in the biggest airlines list. Hainan offers international trips and they are popular for some of the best flight deals when you choose to travel to China. The majority of travelers have given feedback that once they opt for Hainan they will never choose any other airlines for traveling to China.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways is popular for its efficiency all over the world. They are from Thailand and most of the flying is landed in Thailand. If you are planning to fly to Europe or any other international flying, you can opt Thai Airways. Even for flying from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, you can consider Thai Airways.

Japan Airlines

If you are keen on spotless planes, then you should choose Japan Airways. They have gained the highest popularity for their customer services. They have some of the most polite staff all over the world. More than anything, Japan Airways is the most popular and gained the highest customer reviews for its consistency. Even in the booking process, you can expect the best experience and of course, traveling is fun with them.

These are some of the best airlines if you are traveling to Asia or flying inside Asia. There are many other airlines for comfortable travel. But this list is prepared based on the award-winning airlines. Irrespective of the class chosen, you can expect the best traveling experience with these airways.


When you are choosing airlines to travel to Asia, it is important to very important to consider efficiency. Among all the airways, mentioned above, Thai Airways is very popular for its efficiency. Before planning a trip to Asia you should consider this list of airways and it will come has handy when choosing the right travel. Irrespective of the country, every customer expects the best travel experience and that is only when you choose the right airways.

There are many other airways to consider among Asian airways. But, for this year, these are the best airways without the best customer reviews and highest consistency.