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Singapore Zoo – A Must Visit

Singapore Zoo – A Must Visit

Singapore is the most sought after tourist destination for many around the world. Singapore is a beautiful country, a spectacular place to visit, that attracts everyone. It is one of the cleanest cities in the world that makes it a must-visit place. There are so many attractions to see when in Singapore like the Sentosa Island, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, Merlion Park, Night Safari, Jurong bird park, and the Singapore Zoo.

A visit to the Singapore Zoo will leave you with a memorable experience. Located on the north-western side of the island, the Zoo has to its credit a lot of international awards in recognition of its wonderful upkeep. It is the best rainforest zoo in the world and is home to nearly 2800 animals from 300 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. Visitors from around the world throng the Zoo all through the year and have a great time enjoying nature and wildlife.

Main attractions:

  • The main attraction of the Zoo is the Open Concept. Animals here are maintained in open enclosures that are designed to resemble their natural habitats. They have a spacious environment to move about.
  • The Singapore Zoo offers all that an animal lover can ever think of. You have numerous opportunities for close-up encounters here with the Feeding sessions, Jungle breakfast with wildlife, wild discoverer tour, etc.
  • There are a lot of amazing shows where the animals enchant you beyond limits. You will be stunned to see the acrobatics of the Californian Sea Lions at the Splash safari.
  • Getting around the Zoo is made comfortable with guided tram rides.
  • You can have great fun with the gravity-defying flips in Megabounce, if you love to indulge in a little adventure.
  • With a vintage-style carousel, you can have a ride upon animals from rhinos to tigers.
  • There is a variety of wet play area for the kids to explore, like the water slides or the Jumbo bucket splashing water.
  • Children can also have a great time on the pony’s back to trek around.
  • Enjoy breakfast in the company of orangutan, an experience greatly enjoyed by many tourists.
  • You can have unlimited fun feeding the animals like Elephants, giraffe, goat, and white rhinos. Each feeding session has a set schedule and a limited food supply.
Singapore Zoo Night Safari Map

The following are the main exhibits at the Zoo:

  • African wild-life, such as giraffes, Zebra, lions, cheetah, meerkats, white rhinoceros, roam about freely here.
  • You can find the Australian Kangaroo species here, the grey kangaroo and the wallaby.
  • On the Gibbon island you can find white-handed gibbons, red-ruffed lemurs, and black howler monkeys.
  • The Primate kingdom hosts nearly 39 primate species notable among them being, lion-tailed macaques, black and white colobus monkeys, patas monkeys, langurs.
  • Ethiopia’s Great rift valley features the hamadryas baboons, Nubian ibex, and banded mongoose.

The Zoo is huge, so you may need nearly 3 hours to explore it. You have an entry fee of S$37 per adult and S$25 for children aged 3-12 years. You can buy the tickets online and save 5-20% in addition to avoiding long queues. The Zoo is open from 8.30 am to 6 pm on all days.

There are a lot of educational programs for both local and foreign students ranging from day and night camps and guided tours. With the set up of Healthcare and research center, you also have access to animal surgery and treatment areas.

After an extensive visit of the Zoo, make sure to pay a visit to the Zoo gift shop too to take home souvenirs to keep the memories of wildlife lingering for a long time.

Asia Travel/Asian Cities



Asia – the world’s largest continent is home to over half of the world’s population and is known for inhabiting several different cultures and people with distinct ethnicity.

The continent is known for various things such as the smoky and crowded bazaars with various hawkers selling unique and different things from food to clothes, the ancient places and statues like the grand fortresses, the camels, and horse riding alongside honking traffic on the streets and many more.

Asia is the only continent that offers different cultures, traditions, and fascinating history and is consisted of several beautiful cities. Travel to cities is often easier than more rural locales and booking flights is a breeze.

List of several cities with their uniqueness to stand out among other cities across the world:

  • Kyoto, Japan – A beautiful city in Asia known for its picturesque mountains and various amazing elegant Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and traditional wooden houses.
  • Udaipur, India – It is a splendid Asian city to visit in India located in the state of Rajasthan. The city is famous for its peaceful lakes, magnificent palaces (or Havelis), sovereign museums. It is also known as the City of Lakes and provides you with the rich experience of Indian history.
  • Kochi, India – A fantastic port city in the state of Kerala is a popular tourist place and is known for its houses from the Dutch era, classical mosques and small attractive islands on the shores of the Arabian Sea.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – A capital city of Malaysia and is ranked among the top cities in Asia and is an economic and industrial hub with colonial architectures, bars, and nightclubs and offers mouthwatering shopping destinations.
  • Bali, Indonesia – The most visited city in Asia is home to remarkable beaches, lovely temples, breathtaking scenic beauty, and various water activities like diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Which cities to visit when planning a trip to Asia:

  • Chiang Mai – a land of hazy mountains and vivid hill tribes with seasoned travelers and heaven for shoppers and charm for adventures
  • Tokyo – The capital city of Japan and the world’s most populous metropolis offers unlimited options for shopping, entertainment, culture, and dining to its visitors.
  • Singapore – It is the world’s modern and independent city, known as the great and delicious street food destination, countless malls, and fantastic hotels.
  • Beijing – The capital of China with astonishing imperial palaces and home to a startling human-made marvel (the Great Wall of China).
  • Hong Kong – It is a significant and vibrant place comprised of sophisticated restaurants and food shops with lively and pleasant street markets.
  • Mumbai – It is an alluring city with markets, local trains, colonial buildings, and some of the most beautiful cafes and restaurants.

The Asian continent is the largest on Earth and is a hub for the world’s most massive mountains. It is rich in natural resources such as forests, water, rice, copper, and silver. Asia is known for its delicious food, the art, the scenic beauty, different festivals, the busy life of people, and the spirituality of the cities. If you are more of a people person travelling to urban Asian destinations is the way to go. If you are interested in meeting new people and dating while you travel dating apps like xmeets are popular in most asian cities. Although city travel is a different mode than some more traditionally scenic locales, there is a lot to take in from some of Asia’s most popular cities.


Asia Travel/Asian Cities

Protests in Hong Kong

Protests in Hong Kong

The protests in Hong Kong started with hundreds of peaceful demonstrators who took to the streets on June this year focusing on the contentious, local legislation that paved way for the extraditions to Chinese mainland. As the list of demands kept increasing in the semi-autonomous territory and the clashes between the police and the protestors increased, the movement suddenly became a global concern.

According to Chinese government the protests are regarded as a challenge to its fervent nationalism. The democratic supporters on the other hand have cheered to what they view as a poke in the eye of the autocratic Chinese government. This comes amid the bitter trade war between the United States and China affecting most of the international businesses.

Hong Kong was under the British colony until 1977 which means that it was controlled by Britain. When they returned to Chinese ruling it received more autonomy than the mainland and gave its people more rights and privileges. This kind of arrangement is known as one country, two systems.

The city leader had agreed to suspend the extradition bill however, demonstrators are demanding for a full democracy and inquiry into police stations. The bill was withdrawn in September but this has not helped to stop clashes between the police and activists who have become increasingly violent attacking officers and throwing petrol bombs.

What’s driving the protests

In February, the local government introduced a bill that would allow people who are accused of crimes to be sent to places that where Hong Kong had no extradition treaty which include the mainland China. The activists argue that the bill needs to guarantee justice like in the case a man was accused of killing his girlfriend in Taiwan and then evaded to Hong Kong. Critics said that the bill would allow Beijing to target residents in Hong Kong with bogus charges, exposing activists in China’s opaque legal system.

Hundreds of thousands of protestors including the elderly as well as families with children marched to the streets in order to oppose the bill however, discussion and the demands changed when the police used bullets, pepper spray and tear gas canisters to disperse thousands of protestors. Irritated by the police response the protestors demanded an independent investigation into the police force, a demand which has been rejected.

Why have the demonstrations turned violent?

The protests have been fueled by anger towards the police and slow erosion of the civil liberties which have largely morphed by leaderless protests into a complicated movement about protecting the freedom and democracy of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

The list of protestor demands have since risen including amnesty for arrested participants as well as direct election for law makers and the chief executive. Since then only one of the demands has been met which is the withdrawal of the extradition bill.

Vast majority of the protests have been peaceful however, there have been clashes between the police and young protestors in hard hats, mask and black T shirts which have escalated sharply. The police have used tear gas canister, rubber bullets and pepper spray to disperse the protestors a tactic that has since been criticized by the protestors and the international overwatch dog. Emerging videos of the brutal police acts like the one in October where police shot one of the protestors in the chest with live round.

Some of the protestors have become increasingly violent where they have thrown bricks, Molotov cocktails and in one scenario stabbed a police officer in the chest. The protestors have resorted to vigilante justice where they beat people who seem to be against the protests as well as considerable damage to property.

Nonviolent protests have persisted for a very long time where the protestors have staged strikes, surround the police stations, shut down airport and formed huge marches into the city.

Implications to China

Much of the intrigue is based on how China responds to the protests and how much the leaders are able to stomach so as to prove to the world that their efforts actually work. So far, the Tiananmen-style of crackdown has not borne out and the Chinese military have not been deployed as it is viewed as a worst-case scenario that all sides wish to avoid. In case of a military intervention the international business community would be affected.

China has ever since tried to turn the public opinion against the protesters with the media depicting them as violent separatists even though most of the protesters seem to be uninterested with the independence. Typical control and propaganda tactics have been used, but protestors find ways via the internet to communicate. Some have even got as clever to use fuck buddy apps to communicate.

Hong Kong protest organizer hospitalized

The leader of the Hong Kong’s most prominent group has since been hospitalized after being attacked by a group of men wielding knives and hammers. Jimmy Sham is the leader of one of the largest Civil Human Rights front that has suffered wounds at the back of his skull and forehead. According to police reports Sham was attacked by four males of non-Chinese descent and they were wearing black clothes with masks. The group has since condemned the attacks that has occurred as a result of the protests and called on the police to take action.

Hong Kong Chamber in Chaos

The Hong Kong leader has been forced from the legislative chamber after protest by opposing members on the violent attacks on one of the leaders of the protest groups. The pro-democracy lawmakers shouted and waved placards depicting the leader with bloodied hands, prompting their removal by bodyguards and the suspension of the proceedings.

Disruption in the chamber and the attack on Jimmy Sham by assailants has marked the most recent dramatic turn in the unrest that has rocked the City. The protestors and the police have since deployed the highest levels of violence that has never been seen before since the British colony.

In summary, Hong Kong is a former British colony which was handed back to china in 1997. It has its own judiciary system and a separate legal system from mainland China. It has its own laws which are expected to expire in 2047.